The Bronx is home to some of the most exciting efforts of recent times to bring about transformation to a community. 

No doubt, this is coming after residents of the Bronx suffered decades of turmoil.  Oppressive policies pushed low-income residents out of Manhattan and into the outer boroughs - the Bronx included.  And oppressive policies lead to poor health.  Recently, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranked the Bronx as the unhealthiest county in New York State.  The South Bronx is one of the poorest congressional districts in the country, and the most impoverished in New York City.  

Through my work at Bronx Health REACH, I am given the chance to help eliminate obesity & diabetes-related health disparities in the Bronx.   This is no small task!  But by living in the Bronx, I am provided with an even deeper opportunity to be involved in tackling the injustices firsthand, by partnering with inspirational community leaders (including politicians), organizations, and movements on the ground.  I try to connect my professional expertise with local movements.  Central to all of this, however, is the power of community.  It takes a village to raise a child... but it also takes a community to change a community. 

Here are a few groups doing wonderful things in the Bronx. 

A House On Beekman

Bike The Bronx

Bronx CAN

Bronx Health REACH

Bronx River Alliance 

Community Connections For Youth 

Corbin Hill Road Farm 

Friends Of Brook Park 

Green Bronx Machine

Harlem River Working Group 

La Finca Del Sur

Leave It Better Kids Garden

New Settlement Apartments - Bronx Helpers Program 

Norwood CSA Food Cooperative 

Rev. Ruben Austria’s blog

South Bronx CSA 

South Bronx Unite - Stop FreshDirect 

Sustainable South Bronx

Take Back The Bronx

The BLK Projek


The Bronx CSA (NYCCAH) 


Youth Ministries For Peace & Justice

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